VIDEO: Aaron Rodgers Going Off on Game of Thrones Finale is Every One of Us

Even Game of Thrones' own actors are lighting up the writers after that season finale. After seven seasons of epic storytelling that rivals anything ever seen on television, GOT ended with a resounding dud, leaving many dissatisfied with how 73 episodes worth of character development finally climaxed. Among those not exactly thrilled was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who famously cameoed as an extra on that very show just a few weeks back.

In just a two-minute clip, Rodgers summed up the feelings of thousands of Thrones fans who were fed up with how the final season transpired. Even those who aren't exactly in love with Rodgers or the Packers found common ground in their hatred of the Game of Thrones writers room.

Rodgers wasn't the only athlete who wasn't satisfied with the ending, as Cleveland Cavaliers center Kevin Love was also fed up with Season 8.

US hurdles star Lolo Jones had a similar opinion, comparing GOT Season 8 to Michael Jordan on the Wizards.

At least Jordan on the Wizards was kind of good. Maybe Shaq on the Celtics?

It's really amazing what happens when you don't have George R. R. Martin's writing to go off of and you hand the biggest show in TV to two guys who don't know that they're doing.

We're with ya, Aaron.