VIDEO: Aaron Judge and Brett Gardner Display Sportsmanship With Classy Response to Astros Win

You wouldn't blame Yankees standouts Aaron Judge and Brett Gardner for being despondent as Jose Altuve's monster series-winning home run smashed off the back wall of Minute Maid Park. But if you've watched the Yankees' core grow over the past two years, you'd know they always take time to acknowledge greatness when it doesn't wear navy and blue. MLB Network's Ballpark Cam caught Judge, with the Astros still celebrating on their turf, giving a hug and heartfelt word to longtime Houston bullpen catcher Javier Bracamonte.

Real recognize real. The Astros earned it, and a lot of hard work went into their accomplishment. Why pout when you can just move on and get better?

You may have noticed Bracamonte hoisting a baseball in celebration towards the end of that clip as well. How'd that get there? Well, it turns out the dinger caromed back onto the field, ending up in Brett Gardner's hands. He made sure it found a home, and sent a message, too.

Someday, the Yankees' World Series drought will end. Ideally, for the competitors on the field, that day comes sooner rather than later, and they can be on the other side of all these strained congratulations.

But for now, the Yankees' leaders were prominent and proud in defeat.