VIDEO: 49ers DB Jimmie Ward Cracks Mark Andrews on Head in Controversial Pass Interference No-Call

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are locked in a nearly dead-even battle, as two of the best teams in the league just keep trading punches. However, Baltimore just lost a timeout because they had the audacity to challenge a pass interference no-call after 49ers corner Jimmie Ward smacked Ravens tight end Mark Andrews in the helmet.

Stunningly, this one wasn't overturned. Did you really expect it to be? That's not how this phony rule works.

It certainly seems as if Ward is going for more than the ball here, but his insolence wasn't flagged in any way.

Pass interference is always going to be a judgement call, but if hitting a receiver in the head with your elbow doesn't count as pass interference, then defensive backs are liable to get away with pretty much anything.