VIDEO: 3rd Base Umpire Gets Nailed by Hard Ground Ball From Kyle Farmer in Reds-Astros Game

This is the risk that umpires take in MLB. Third base umpire Marvin Hudson couldn't get out of the way of Kyle Farmer's rocket of a ground ball in time during the game between the Houston Astros and Cincinnati Reds, taking a shot right off the side of his gut.

Kudos to him for trying, but he had almost no chance of getting out of the way of this thing, and he unfortunately might have robbed Farmer of extra bases.

The ball came off the bat at a scorching 94 mph, and with only about 100 feet separating the batted ball and him, he was really doomed from the start.

That is probably going to leave a mark, but still, it's significantly better than taking a screaming line drive to the head.