VIDEO: 2 Women Removed From Diamondbacks Game After Climbing on Top of Dugout With Random Banner

Every now and then, we're treated to something incredibly weird at the ballpark, and this definitely ranks towards the top of odd moments from this season. Two women had to be removed from Chase Field after climbing on top of the roof of one of the dugouts with an extremely random banner.

We assume this was an advertisement was for Fairlife, a type of lactose-free ultra-filtered milk that apparently is set to hit the shelves in Arizona next year, at least according to the sign. But honestly we're not sure what the motivation would be in this scenario, as getting escorted out by security won't help the company in the slightest.

Of course, there's no evidence at this time that the company put the women up to this stunt. For all we know, they're acting alone with no motivation but their own.

I guess that's one way to put your name out there, but they certainly didn't do themselves any favors by obstructing the views of the fans behind them.