VIDEO: 17-Year-Old Vito Mielnicki Annihilates Tamarcus Smith With 1st-Round KO in Pro Boxing Debut

If you don't know, now you know! Vito Mielnicki isn't a household name just yet, but his professional boxing career just started with a bang. The 17-year-old Jersey boy doesn't have a high school diploma yet, but he has a knockout win-- and he did it in front of some adoring local fans. At the Prudential Center in Newark, he absolutely floored Tamarcus Smith with flurry after flurry of relentless strikes, simply leaving no doubt.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet White Magic.

Smith was pretty much an observer here. He could do nothing against the Garden State phenom, and was dead to rights almost immediately out of the gate. Here's to you, Vito. You're freaking undefeated, kid.