Utah Jazz Clap Back to NBA Twitter Star 'World Wide Wob' on Night of 'Last Dance' Finale

The Utah Jazz had a great troll of one NBA Twitter star.
The Utah Jazz had a great troll of one NBA Twitter star. /

Utah Jazz fans are in for a rough night Sunday if they plan to end it by watching the final two episodes of "The Last Dance" on ESPN. The documentary is gearing up to show Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls take down the Jazz in two consecutive NBA Finals, and it will be prime time to relive the pain all over again.

NBA Twitter star @WorldWideWob decided to take a shot at the Jazz and their fans before Sunday night's finale.

The team was not having it, and had a spot-on reply ready to go.

So where this is troll coming from? Well, Mr. Perez sent out a tweet Saturday night that the Jazz clearly found and used as ammo.

This is some amazing Twitter work from whoever is running the Jazz account, and both parties involved continued on in masochistic fashion.

Those who understood what the Jazz were doing jumped into the replies, and a common theme emerged.

This is what Twitter is supposed to be about. People and professional sports teams can go back and forth in a good-natured manner, and the rest of us can react with shock and joy.

The lack of actual basketball being played means fans are tuning in by the millions to watch Jordan's documentary. Jazz fans can join others out there, like @WorldWideWob, in collective misery Sunday night during the two-part finale.