Kentucky Wildcats Fire Entire Cheerleading Coaching Staff After Disturbing and Salacious Allegations Arise

Florida v Kentucky
The University of Kentucky has fired its entire cheerleading coaching staff and longtime advisor after shocking allegations surface. | Silas Walker/Getty Images

There really is no introduction possible that could prepare the uninitiated for the foulness of this development.

Per the latest reports, the University of Kentucky has fired its entire varsity cheerleading coaching staff and one longtime advisor following a multi-month investigation. The program is alleged to have committed a serious list of transgressions involving hazing, alcohol abuse, and even public nudity.

According to the Lexington Herald, head coach Jomo Thompson and assistant coaches Spencer Clan, Kelsey LaCroix, and Ben Head were released by Kentucky on Monday. Additionally, T. Lynn Williamson, a lawyer for the university who also served as an administrative adviser to the cheerleading team for 40 years, abruptly retired in light of the investigation's findings.

The investigation claims that the team performed "basket tosses," a technique that requires throwing a flier in the air, while either bottomless or topless within the view of its coaches at a retreat at Lake Cumberland. The staff failed to report such actions, which also included squad members being instructed to carry out salacious chants and wear bottomless outfits during an event in Tennessee.

Regarding that retreat, a university press release asserted that the coaching staff failed to seize alcohol brought by underage students. Further, coaches permitted cheerleading alumni to bring boats and booze to the same event. What's incredibly disturbing is the claim that some team members were so inebriated that they required medical attention.

No evidence of sexual assault or sexual misconduct was found. But all things considered, this is a reprehensible look for Kentucky, and that's being generous.