UFC Legend Randy Couture Said He Was About 30 Minutes From Death in Recent Heart Attack Scare

UFC 109: Relentless
UFC 109: Relentless / Jon P. Kopaloff/Getty Images

UFC immortal Randy Couture dealt with a major health scare in October after he suffered a serious heart attack that was nearly fatal.

As Couture told it on the Ariel Helwani Show, he could have easily died if he was 30 or 40 minutes late getting to the ER.

If Dana White could build a UFC fighter in a lab, it would look and fight like Couture. Winning his first fight at UFC 13 in 1997, Couture finished his career 19-11.

Even when he started to slow down toward the end of his career, Couture would always go down swinging, landing a few knockdown punches in seemingly every bout. He still holds the records for most title fights (16) and most title reigns (6).

Couture is one of the true gems of the sport and needs to be protected at all costs. Back in UFC's formative years, Couture emerged as someone that fickle fans could gravitate to and get behind.

It's great to see Couture is doing better and the UFC world hopes it stays that way.