UFC Expert Ariel Helwani's List of Best NBA Teams in History is Predictably Gibberish

Ariel Helwani is a little bit biased in his NBA thoughts.
Ariel Helwani is a little bit biased in his NBA thoughts. /

It's every Knicks fan's right to exclude the Chicago Bulls' '90s greatness from their personal recollections of the sport.

But...that's no excuse for stamping the Los Angeles Lakers all the way out of history, too.

In anticipation of the final episodes of Michael Jordan's "The Last Dance" on ESPN Sunday evening, the network asked various experts to rank their top NBA teams of all time. MMA journalist Ariel Helwani did not take this assignment seriously -- either that, or he took it SO seriously.

Even a reasonable New Yorker would probably be able to see the light and pivot before submitting. But not Helwani!

Hey, also, real quick -- what gives with Drake's inclusion here? The 2018-19 Raptors didn't take out any legendary Knicks foe. Helwani is a Canadian, but if that heritage is so important to his takes, then why on earth do the Knicks occupy the top four spots?!

We're begging for an explanation here. Outright begging. If anyone wants to press the issue, feel free to call into Helwani's radio show Monday!

Stick to your other sport, sir.