VIDEO: Tyson Fury Weirdly Licks Deontay Wilder Mid-Fight During Rematch

Tyson Fury licks Deontay Wilder
Tyson Fury licks Deontay Wilder /

Tyson Fury is a strange guy, that much we know to be true. However, this is taking things to the next level of that strange nature. In the middle of their rematch, Fury licked Deontay Wilder. Yes, we're serious.

Just like most of Fury's knockouts, it's even better in slow motion! Although, our main question is in regards to what Fury was licking, which appears to be Wilder's blood.

Fury defeated Wilder, making him the unquestioned heavyweight champion of the world. While we can question this tactic in particular, Fury has completed the ultimate comeback, battling his own demons and now Wilder in the process.