Tyson Fury is the Most Entertaining Man in Boxing and Joining WWE Makes All the Sense in the World

Tyson Fury v Otto Wallin
Tyson Fury v Otto Wallin | MB Media/Getty Images

Tyson Fury is known for his flare both inside and outside of the ring. Apart from being a top-quality boxer, he's also a fantastic entertainer both inside and outside the ring. He knows how to get people going and to rile a crowd up.

And that's what makes a potential crossover clash with pro wrestling star Braun Strowman on WWE SmackDown so perfect. He's the ideal fit for the squared circle given his larger-than-life personality and penchant for showmanship.

The standoff between the two of them during Strowman's brawl -- in which both of them jokingly squared up -- is everything that both boxing and the WWE could ever hope to want. Both Strowman and Fury would provide some electric entertainment should they step into the ring together.

If anything, the spat between them following Strowman's win -- in which Fury had to be restrained by security -- was just a little bit of a preview of the intensity that is to come if and when the pugilist decides that the WWE would make for the perfect full-time home once he retires from boxing.

It's still not set in stone, but there's a chance that Fury could actually make an appearance at WrestleMania XXXVI. Between this encounter with Strowman and his past comments on being open to joining the WWE one day, it almost feels inevitable.

There's no denying that it would work wonders for the WWE. Fury, who has been at the top of the boxing world for quite some time now, would be an amazing draw.

The man is still set to fight Deontay Wilder in a February rematch, but his appearance at WrestleMania could be a massive draw-- and perhaps an even bigger global sensation.