While Tyreek Hill appears to have escaped legal punishment after the abrupt resolution of his domestic violence case, he could still face punishment from the NFL. On that front, nothing has changed.

The league has stated that they will not change their stance related to Hill's potential punishment. Up to this point, they had been waiting for Child Protective Services to finish any potential inquires before levying any manner of fine or suspension against the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver.

The league has precendence for this, with Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott being the most notable example back in 2017. While Hill is still technically suspended from all Chiefs team activities, the league is still empowered to hand down a insignificant suspension under the terms of its personal conduct policy.

At the end of the day, this a mess for all parties involved. A three-year-old child sustained a broken arm and some of Hill's recorded statements behind closed doors sound damning. His unflattering and controversial past has once again come to light, and the league again looks reactive instead of proactive with how they deal out their punishments-- until they choose to act otherwise.