Tyler Skaggs' Autopsy Results Reveal Disturbing Details of Angels Pitcher's Death

Los Angeles Angels v Tampa Bay Rays
Los Angeles Angels v Tampa Bay Rays / Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Major League Baseball lost a bright light and universally beloved lefty on July 1 this year, when Angels starter Tyler Skaggs was found dead prior to the team's scheduled clash with the Texas Rangers.

Celebrations of his life and remarkable, heaven-sent tributes ensued, but all fans, friends, and family alike have waited with bated breath in the months since for Skaggs' official autopsy.

Unfortunately, the news has landed on Friday in a report released by the Los Angeles Times, and it sheds a sorrowful light on this tragedy. Skaggs' death has been ruled accidental, but was triggered by a combination of fentanyl, oxycodone and alcohol, which led to him choking on his own vomit in the middle of the night.

A statement put forth by Skaggs' family reveals an even more controversial spin on the circumstances, however. As the release states, "We were shocked to learn that it may involve an employee of the Los Angeles Angels. We will not rest until we learn the truth about how Tyler came into possession of these narcotics, including who supplied them. To that end, we have hired attorney Rusty Hardin to assist us.”

Hardin, famous for defending Roger Clemens amid steroid allegations, will now step in to investigate an unnamed Angels employee's connection to the proceedings and potential role as a supplier.

Fentanyl, among the most potent opioids, was found in Skaggs' system at a level of 3.8 nanograms per milliliter, deemed "significant" but not an outrageously high mark. Notes on the condition and contents of Skaggs' hotel room remain held under lock and key; this has not become public knowledge.