Twitter Detectives Believe Carlos Beltran's Niece's Alleged Account Might Be Incarcerated Bob's Burner

The Twitter world was set alight Thursday when an account, which claimed to belong to the niece of Carlos Beltran, revealed details of the Astros' sign-stealing. The account in question, @S0_Blessed1, alleged that Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman wore buzzers under their jersey.

Well, Twitter detectives, reasonably skeptical about the veracity of the account, decided to see what they could uncover -- and the results are damning. After doing their rounds of research, the online investigators have come to the conclusion that the account in question is actually operated by none other than Incarcerated Bob.

The Jose Altuve buzzer story pushed by this account and others might still have some legs, but the story that this account belongs to Beltran's niece is totally fraudulent.

The worst part of all of this was that he was pretending to be someone that is Hispanic, and purposely called Beltran "Tio" while using intentionally bad English grammar. How low can you get?

Should this social media investigating prove to be true, Bob, who so frequently tries to claim he's a reputable source, will have a lot of explaining to do.