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TV Station Runs Disgusting and Offensive Headline After Cardinals Take Down Braves in NLDS

KTVU runs disgusting headline after the Cardinals defeated the Braves in NLDS Game 5 on Wednesday.

The story of early Wednesday evening was the St. Louis Cardinals easily defeating the Atlanta Braves in Game 5 of the NLDS. A 10-run first inning essentially handed the Cardinals the win from the get go, and thus ended the Braves 2019 campaign.

Well, one TV station, KTVU in the San Francisco Bay Area, ran an incredibly racially-insensitive headline about the Braves being eliminated from playoff contention, and we're honestly not sure how this was allowed to be broadcast in 2019, or ever really.

How does that headline get approval from the news station? HOW?

This isn't the first time that KTVU got in trouble for racially inappropriate content. Back in 2013, Asiana Flight 214 crashed, killing three individuals on board. Producers ran the story of the names of the pilots, but were subject of a prank, as the names were very racist and fake.

As a result of the gaffe, three producers were fired by the station.

Yet, here we are.

During the NLDS, the Braves organization banned foam tomahawks being handed out to fans, as Cardinals closer Ryan Helsley, who's a member of the Cherokee Nation, complained of it's racist nature and the use of the "tomahawk chop."

KTVU never got the hint.

This is 2019, there should be more common sense today to determine what is offensive and what isn't. KTVU obviously didn't have that, as they aired this immensely racist headline on their broadcast.