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VIDEO: Close-up Slow Motion Replay of Trae Young Stealing Souls vs Nuggets Makes it More Impressive

Hawks PG Trae Young makes insane moves vs Nuggets
Hawks PG Trae Young makes insane moves vs Nuggets

Yet another Trae Young highlight? Sure, we've grown accustomed to Young stealing souls against just about every NBA team, but on Monday night he somehow one-upped himself, dribbling around Michael Porter Jr like a contortionist. Young, who has yet to prove he isn't a part-time magician, crossed up the Nuggets only to then dribble the ball between his own legs at full-speed, leading to a Hawks lay-up.

Porter Jr.'s mistake was switching on to Young in the first place. That's no place for a small child.

Atlanta's season hasn't gone according to plan in 2019-20, despite their rumored interest in Andre Drummond. However, Young's strong play continues to inspire hope in Atlanta.