VIDEO: Tony Ferguson Dancing in the Hospital is Further Evidence He is Not Human

Tony Ferguson seems to be recovering well from UFC 249
Tony Ferguson seems to be recovering well from UFC 249 /

Most people who are just a few days removed from having their face punched out through the back of their head to the degree Tony Ferguson did at UFC 249 wouldn't be in much of a dancing mood, but most people don't have the unique mentality inside and outside of the ring that he has. Decked out in a hospital gown after Justin Gaethje flattened him and handed him his first loss in seven years, Ferguson was spotted dancing around his ward.

Ferguson was still sporting a lot of the battle scars he picked up in his lopsided loss, as Gaethje was clearly the more aggressive fighter and more accurate puncher, which landed Gaethje with an interim championship belt and Ferguson in the hospital.

At least he isn't still bedridden like most mortals would be, and Ferguson's fans got a kick out of seeing their favorite fighter seemingly ready to get back in the octagon.

Hopefully when Ferguson's eye isn't welded shut, he can get back in the ring as soon as possible, preferably against a high-profile opponent like Conor McGregor.