Tom Brady Threatens to Cut Patriots' Rookie Chase Winovich's Hair on Instagram Story

Has Tom Brady reached the age where he starts to tell young kids to cut their hair?

It certainly seems so.

The 42-year-old posted a photo of him and teammate Chase Winovich to his Instagram story, in which he was standing behind the Patriots' linebacker, appearing to braid his hair. Brady tagged the rookie, tossing in the scissors emoji to imply a haircut is on the way.

Nothing like some rookie hazing from the team's most-seasoned veteran. Brady is far past his days of rocking the long hair, and has moved into his new lane of issuing comical threats at his teammates in hopes of encouraging them to join in his short-haired trend.

Winovich might just want to steer clear of Brady around the practice facility for the time being, as the veteran could be ready to strike at any moment.

The Patriots will have other things on their mind as they prepare for their Week 1 clash with the Steelers, during which Winovich will be making his NFL debut-- hopefully with this hair unharmed by Brady.