Tom Brady Should Demand to Be Highest-Paid Player in NFL History or Retire

Tom Brady
Tom Brady should try to earn as much as possible in 2020. | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom Brady is one of the greatest players in NFL history. Yet, he has never been paid like the absolute best at his position and that is just plain wrong.

Quarterbacks like Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garoppolo all have higher annual salaries than Brady's $23 million he made in 2019. Now that Brady is actually a free agent he needs to demand a record deal or just hang up his cleats and retire.

Brady is already a wealthy man thanks to a long NFL career and because he is married to a world-famous supermodel. Because of that, he always took less money so the New England Patriots could invest in the rest of the roster.

2019 had to be Brady's breaking point when his discount didn't lead to star talent surrounding him on the field. No offense to Jakobi Meyers, but he is not who Brady had in mind at receiver when he agreed to once again take less money.

Brady is 42 years old and has taken a discount for too long. A legend of the game like him can't take a beating on the field if he is not getting paid accordingly.

The man known simply as "The GOAT" is likely only going to take a two-year deal. He should demand a team gives him a record deal and play hardball in negotiations. Few teams are going to say no if they truly want Brady.