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Tom Brady Posts Spicy Valentine's Day Picture With Gisele on Twitter

Tom Brady and Gisele showed off on Valentine's Day
Tom Brady and Gisele showed off on Valentine's Day

Tom Brady could play in New England, Los Angeles, or nowhere at all in 2020, and that wouldn't change the fact that the man has, quite frankly, a perfect life. He's one of the best players ever to strap on a helmet and shoulder pads, and he's starting Year 11 of being married to a supermodel. Brady and Gisele Bünchden got in the Valentine's Day spirit, as he posted a pic of the two celebrating over a decade together.

Is...is she biting his ear? Let's charitably call that a little odd.

We're not sure why Brady chose the shot where Gisele is biting his ear when he could have picked literally any other one, but who are we to judge when it seems like they're enjoying Valentine's Day?

We get it, Tom. You've got six championships and a model wife. No need for the continuous flexing. He can announce that he's played his last down of football, and his day-to-day life probably wouldn't even take much of a downturn at all. What a guy.