Tom Brady Posts Pictures of Himself on the Beach in Full Football Equipment

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady takes the term "no days off" very seriously. He proved that again on Tuesday by posting pictures of himself on Twitter in full pads, doing drills on the beach.

This is nothing new for TB12, who has become famous for his strict diet and workout habits with trainer Alex Guerrero. Brady is once again mixing work and relaxation during the offseason.

Admittedly, Brady probably looks better on the beach in pads than he does with his shirt off. That much became clear when this photo from the combine started circulating on the internet:

Brady needs all the training and dietary discipline he can, because with his 42nd birthday coming up, father time must be catching up with him. Then again, he's shown no signs of slowing down so far.

It's truly remarkable that Brady never seems to take a day off, even after winning six rings. I have a feeling that when Brady finally does call it quits, his retirement tour will look a little different than Rob Gronkowski's.