Tom Brady Posts Emotional Message on Twitter Confirming He Won't Be Re-Signing With the Patriots

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady's Twitter Account
New England Patriots QB Tom Brady's Twitter Account /

It's almost officially the end of an era in Foxborough. All that's next is to see where Tom Brady signs in free agency.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback confirmed on Tuesday in an emotional message on Twitter that his football journey with the New England Patriots has to come an end. He will be "opening a new stage for my life and career."

Based on the offseason rumors, this is right on par. We've constantly been hearing the Los Angeles Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are prime landing spots for TB12, with the Pats dwindling as a possible destination due to a lack of progression on the contract front. It seems those talks have reached a point where Brady felt comfortable calling it off to officially explore other options.

The Bolts and Bucs are throwing money at the 42-year-old, something the Patriots probably can't afford to do given their cap situation.

It's been a legendary run for Brady in New England, but the writing was on the wall this past season, especially with the team's early exit in the postseason coupled with the fact the offense provided the six-time Super Bowl champ with little help. Given all the moves we've seen from other teams this offseason, it's clear the Patriots weren't exactly ready to make monumental moves for Brady's approval, on top of paying the QB a ton of money.

Now, Brady will take his legacy elsewhere and it will surely be bizarre watching him win games in another jersey come 2020. But the good news is that we're all done imagining. This is now a reality.