Tom Brady and Patriots Reportedly Not Remotely Close to Deal as Free Agency Nears

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady
New England Patriots QB Tom Brady / Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Tom Brady is eligible to speak with NFL teams on Monday at noon, but it appears his market isn't as robust as originally thought.

While earlier reports indicated that the San Francisco 49ers, as well as the Tennessee Titans, were not interested in the 42-year-old, Adam Schefter stated on Sunday night that Brady is far from a reunion with the Patriots as well.

Brady's return to the Patriots feels more likely now, but at what price? New England just signed the McCourty twins, leaving their cap space in a suspect spot. TB12 is reportedly trying to earn his worth after taking repeated team-friendly deals throughout his career, but it seems many teams aren't willing to pay so much for an aging veteran, even if he is the best QB of all-time.

If a role out West is Brady's goal, then the Chargers or Raiders could still be a fit. Given the constant rumors and public interest from the likes of Mark Davis, Vegas might be able to give Brady the money he desires as the Raiders' main attraction in a new, shiny stadium.

If Robert Kraft and New England want to ensure TB12's return, though, it sounds like their offer could use a little work.