Tom Brady's Latest Tweet Shows He's Rocking the Creamsicle While Working Out Hard in the Florida Sun

Tom Brady is getting some work in down in Florida
Tom Brady is getting some work in down in Florida /

Some Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans still can't believe that Tom Brady decided to leave the New England Patriots for their ragtag outfit. As improbable as it sounds, arguably the best quarterback of all time left Bill Belichick for a 7-9 team in a competitive division.

Brady posted a picture of himself on Tuesday working out in the sweltering central Florida sun, obviously adorned with his own TB12 merchandise, as he prepares for what should be a very interesting 2020 season.

Eagle-eyed Buccaneers fans will notice that Brady is sporting the old creamsicle color scheme. Is this his way of asking for a throwback uniform?

If these brief snippets of him working out weren't enough to get Buccaneers fans hyped up, maybe the first official pictures of Brady decked out in red, white, and pewter while sporting the Jolly Roger on the side of his helmet will get Tampa Bay diehards pumped up about a 2020 season that could end with a championship.

From what we've seen this offseason, Brady is acclimating nicely to life in South Florida. We're still waiting to see if he meshes with Bruce Arians on the football field.