Tom Brady is Officially Filing to Trademark One of His Famous Nicknames

New England Patriots Victory Parade
New England Patriots Victory Parade / Billie Weiss

Psycho Tom, California Cool, TB-12, and the GOAT are all prevalent and suitable nicknames for future Hall of Famer Tom Brady. But according to latest buzz, the six-time Super Bowl Champion doesn't necessarily fancy any of these nicknames as much as he does this one.

Brady is a BIG fan of his "TOM TERRIFIC" slogan and his renowned company, TEB Capital Management Inc., has actually filed two new trademarks for the nickname. Additionally, the company is preparing to debut "TOM TERRIFIC" trading cards and a clothing line featuring the nickname in the near future.

Is it unfair say that Brady has become a far more compelling and relatable individual since he launched his Twitter account a few months ago?

Perhaps he's always been as intriguing, but nobody can argue the Patriots quarterback has become a champion of the people since then.

The three-time MVP is even out here recruiting rappers on social media! Don't try telling us that this would be a reality if not for Twitter.

And this new clothing line is a product of that notion. Fans have been begging for Brady to embrace the "TOM TERRIFIC" nickname for years but we'd be lying if we said that we thought that the 14-time Pro-Bowler would ever consider filing TWO trademarks for the slogan.

What a time to be alive.