VIDEO: Tom Brady Drills Ridiculous Shot in 'The Match' and This Comeback Would Be More Impressive Than 28-3

Tom Brady redeemed himself with an amazing shot during "The Match."
Tom Brady redeemed himself with an amazing shot during "The Match." /

Any way you slice it, Tom Brady struggled mightily during the first several holes of "The Match" on TNT. He and Phil Mickelson fell behind early to Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning, and it was clear Brady was playing the worst out of all four. Then, Charles Barkley went a bit too far in joking with Brady, and the quarterback responded with the shot of the match.

Brady is unreal. He was losing golf balls left and right, and after a joke thrown his way, he put the ball in the hole to keep his team in the match. Those who have watched Brady throughout his career may be thinking of his famous 28-3 comeback against the Atlanta Falcons after seeing him hole out from the fairway, and that...would be fair!

You simply cannot count him out at any point.

Just when it is time to discount Brady, he responds with a miracle. Atlanta Falcons fans are well aware of this, and a comeback on the golf course would be more impressive than the 28-3 moment because of how poorly Brady began the day, with only himself to blame. Those watching Brady golf had a good laugh at his expense at the start of the round. He may turn all those takes into cold ones by the end of the day.