Tigers Unnecessarily Confirm They Don't Use Sign-Stealing Technology

Miguel Cabrera
Tigers general manager Alex Avila says the team never used sign-stealing technology. | Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

There's plenty of talk surrounding Major League Baseball right now, and it has nothing to do with offseason signings and acquisitions. Instead, it has to do with the Houston Astros-led scandal, in which the team was proven to be using electronics to relay pitch signals to the batter.

With paranoia spreading like wildfire around the league, Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila announced on Thursday that the team never used sign-stealing technology in recent seasons, which...I mean...yeah.

Well, that's certainly a relief. Thank you for easing our minds, Tigers.

In all seriousness, it showed the Tigers never had the leg-up on the competition. Also showing that? The team's record and putrid offensive output, working in tandem to mask any and all suspicion. This past season, Detroit finished with a 47-114 record, the worst in the entire league. And yes, that even falls below the Baltimore Orioles (54-108).

Prior to this past year, the Tigers had consecutive 64-win seasons in 2017 and 2018.

Detroit is in the midst of a rebuild, due to countless pushes for World Series runs that imploded in their faces. Now, they have to build up their prospect pipeline and endure a couple of lost seasons before becoming relevant again.

The Tigers aren't supposed to be a good team, but Avila just wanted to let everyone know they didn't cheat. If they did, hypothetically, they were doing a terrible job at it.