Tigers Twitter Calls Out Fan Who Promised to Get Victor Reyes Tattoo if They Beat the Astros

Tigers Twitter calls out fan over tattoo bet.
Tigers Twitter calls out fan over tattoo bet. /

The Detroit Tigers entered Houston with absolutely nobody giving them a chance in their three-game series against the Astros. On Wednesday night, the Tigers did the unthinkable, and that was not only beat Houston, but handing former ace Justin Verlander a loss.

Riding on cloud nine, the Tigers held onto receipts of the numerous doubters, including one fan who promised to get a Victor Reyes tattoo if Detroit were to get one win, just prior to the start of their three-game set.

And the Tigers' official Twitter account put this individual on blast for their 1.4 million followers to see.

Shortly after this Twitter user got the notification, they pleaded for Detroit not to do it to them, but they were not willing to bend to their demands.

In fact, right after their win on Wednesday night, the Tigers told this person to "have fun" getting ink on his body.


After being put on blast by the Detroit Tigers social media team, the loser of the bet had just one question:

Easy answer: back. Less painful than the ribs, and can also be hidden by clothing.

Yet another victim falls for a ridiculous tattoo Twitter bet, and as is the rules, they have to pay up on their end of the bargain.