Thunder Players and Staff Test Negative for COVID-19 Virus

Chris Paul - Oklahoma City Thunder
Chris Paul - Oklahoma City Thunder / Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The coronavirus has impacted sports to the point that games cannot be played, but even staying indoors cannot fix past (unintentional) contact.

While some NBA teams weren't as lucky, the Oklahoma City Thunder reported that none of their players or staff tested positive for coronavirus.

Good news for the NBA and Oklahoma City, as some teams like the Brooklyn Nets, the Utah Jazz and the Detroit Pistons had infected players in their ranks. Despite all of this, however, all involved are getting help and should make a full recovery in time. For now, all they can do is quarantine.

The real commendable part of this is that the Thunder chose not to use public test kits, which are in short supply across America. The Utah Jazz expended 58 testing kits while trying to test their players, which is a large capacity compared to what the nation can produce per day.

The Utah Jazz probably felt an urgent pressure to test their players, as their star center Rudy Gobert was the NBA's patient zero. The Thunder canceled their game against the Jazz when it was discovered that Gobert contracted the virus.

The Thunder were enjoying an impressive 2020 season, and hopefully this delay ends soon so that basketball can return.