This Cardinals-Rockies Trade for Nolan Arenado Could Actually Work

The St. Louis Cardinals could make an intriguing offer to the Colorado Rockies for Nolan Arenado.
The St. Louis Cardinals could make an intriguing offer to the Colorado Rockies for Nolan Arenado. / Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The St. Louis Cardinals need help at third base, there's simply no way around it. Matt Carpenter struggled mightily last year and he isn't getting any younger. Josh Donaldson could be an option, but in all likelihood, the Cards will need to swing a trade if they want to get a true game-changer.

Luckily for them, the Colorado Rockies are shopping Nolan Arenado.

If the Cardinals were willing to part ways with a package of Nolan Gorman, Harrison Bader or Randy Arozarena, and Yairo Munoz, they might be be able to acquire one of the best all-around players in baseball.

Gorman stands out as the player with the highest upside heading to the Rockies in the deal. A 19-year-old third baseman, he's the No. 38 prospect in all of baseball. He's got plenty of power and good enough range on defense that he could be the perfect replacement to Arenado.

Also included in the package heading to Colorado is Harrison Bader. He has flashed elite talent on the defensive side of the ball, logging 13 outs above average in 2019 in the outfield. Though he's been hot and cold at the plate in his three years in the majors, there's still plenty to like about him. And if he doesn't excite the Rockies, Arozarena, the No. 10 prospect in the Cards system that showed off his talent at the MLB level last year, definitely should.

And to finish off the deal, the Cardinals would have to send Munoz to the Rockies as well. He can play the outfield and every infield position except first base, making him the perfect piece to help shore up their depth on the bench.

All of them are under the age of 25 and still under team control, but that's the price the Cardinals will have to pay if they want to acquire the five-time All-Star.