The Random Founding Father Appearing at Mets Postgame Revitalized Jason Vargas

Jason Vargas struggled mightily for the Mets at the start of the season. At one point, his ERA had ballooned to a hideous 14.21.

Since then, however, he's been stellar. The reason for his success? A postgame visit from one of the Founding Fathers!

The hair resembling a powdered wig and the 18th century attire really do a good job of selling the idea that he was actually visited by a ghost of politicians past.

All it took was a visit from a Thomas Jefferson look-alike for Vargas to turn things around. Since he appeared, Vargas has sported a 1.85 ERA and has tossed a five-hit shutout.

It goes even deeper than ERA, though. In that seven-start stretch, opponents have hit just .203 off of Vargas, and he's struck out 34 batters while allowing just 15 walks in that time.

Perhaps his presence imbued Vargas with such a rousing sense of patriotism that he made it his sworn duty to dominate America's national pastime every time he took the mound.

Whatever the case may be, the visit has revitalized Vargas' season and given the Mets a pleasant surprise in the rotation. Gotta love it.