The Phillies Should've Always Seen This Coming With Bryce Harper

Milwaukee Brewers v Philadelphia Phillies
Milwaukee Brewers v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff

After getting creamed by the Brewers 9-1 in the final matchup of a three-game set, the Phillies' struggles were put on full display despite the fact they managed to win the series against one of the MLB's best teams.

Bryce Harper was a focal point of those struggles, as the $300 million man is batting just .230 in his first season with Philadelphia. Harper has failed to hit effectively and consistently all year, and surprisingly was candid about his difficulties handling fastballs.

It's great to see the superstar own up to his shortcomings and acknowledge that he needs to be better, but Philly should've seen this coming the entire time.

Harper's troubles should not surprise the Phillies. The slugger's average has been under .250 in two of the last three seasons before arriving in the City of Brotherly Love and he's always been prone to lengthy slumps.

Harper struck out three times in Sunday's game against Milwaukee and is currently on pace to surpass his previous high in strikeouts, which was 169 last season.

Another big thing with Harper, whether it's been his doing or not, is that his journey has ALWAYS been about the money. His impending free agency was talked about years before it even arrived and many believed he could become the league's first $400 million man.

That kind of flash and exaggerated media attention rarely translates to smashing success on the field, especially when you've been largely inconsistent in your first seven MLB seasons.

Nobody doubts that the six-time All-Star can return to form, but it's not hard to believe he's not as fearsome of a force many made him out to be.