The NFL Once Again is so Incompetent it Can't Handle Kyler Murray's Pre-Snap Clap

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/Getty Images

If it's a day in the week ending in Y, NFL officials are going to have another spat of incompetence that leaves the rest of the football world shaking their head in disbelief.

The latest came in the Oakland Raiders' preseason win over Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals, when they twice called false start penalties on the Cardinals for Murray clapping to signal when he wants the ball snapped. The league has since decided that each officiating crew will determine separately if clapping with out the ball is a false start.

So, COLLEGE refs can figure this out but the NFL can't?

Yeah, because that's what a sport without enough good referees needs. Arbitrary rules that vary from crew to crew. I hear baseball is going just great with their similar arrangement.

Murray clapped to receive the snap under Lincoln Riley, and so did Texas Tech quarterbacks when Kingsbury was down in Lubbock.

If this is indeed the ruling, the league is going to have a serious problem on their hands, as quarterbacks will routinely clap to receive the snap when the play clock is winding down. Are those false starts too?

By Week 3, this rule is already going to be causing complete confusion in referees, players and fans.