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The NFL is Clearly Biased Against the Patriots After Tyreek Hill Ruling

KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 11: Tyreek Hill #10 of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates a punt return touchdown that would be called back due to penalty in the fourth quarter of the game against the Arizona Cardinals at Arrowhead Stadium on November 11, 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The still-developing Tyreek Hill situation is a complicated and convoluted one, the most important details of which are not available for public consumption. It's unclear how much guilt Hill actually holds in the alleged abuse of his son, but regardless, the audio of the Chiefs receiver physically threatening his girlfriend remains a pretty terrible look for Hill and the NFL.

However, after meeting with Hill and conducting an investigation, the league determined that Hill's actions did not merit a suspension under league rules.

The NFL's hasty ruling is head-scratching on a number of levels, but especially when considered in the context of former punishments the league has handed down.

In 2016, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was forced to serve a four-game suspension as a result of the "deflategate" scandal, even after he was legally absolved of any wrongdoing in the matter.

Now, after Hill, a man who has been repeatedly involved in domestic violence allegations, was similarly cleared in a child abuse scandal, the NFL has determined he doesn't deserve a suspension.

Allegedly deflating footballs and allegedly abusing a child are not equal offenses, and yet the league treated the former as the more egregious crime, even after a court of law took the onus away from both men.

The NFL's personal conduct policy states that every player must refrain from "conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in” the league. Regardless of Hill's level of guilt in this case, it seems pretty clear that the scandal has done damage to the public confidence in the league and its players.

Now, eyes will turn to the ongoing investigation into Patriots owner Robert Kraft. If the league levies a hefty punishment against Kraft, it will be further proof that Commissioner Roger Goodell has a personal vendetta against the team.