DePaul had their first winning season since 2007 last year and yet, here comes another huge loss.

The program will have to vacate an undetermined amount of games due to a recruiting incident. An unnamed associate head coach organized a situation where the assistant director of basketball operations would live with an unnamed prospect in order for the player to reach NCAA eligibility requirements.

In addition to the vacancies, the program will be put on probation for three years and head coach Dave Leitao will serve a three-game suspension at the beginning of the 2019-20 season.

The Blue Demons have a losing record under Leitao (106-116), and now they have the biggest loss in program history staring them right in the face.

DePaul has produced NBA players such as George Mikan, Mark Aguirre, Wilson Chandler and Quentin Richardson. With such a blemish on their history, however, it's hard to imagine how many young up-and-comers will want to play for the program going forward.