The MLB Absolutely Should Vacate Jose Altuve's MVP Award and Ban Him for Life if Buzzer Allegations Are True

The Houston Astros are FAR from out of the woods now that they have been punished for stealing signs on their way to a championship. Now, 2017 AL MVP Jose Altuve and his legacy are firmly in social media's crosshairs in wake of suspicion that he had more of a prominent role in the scandal.

Twitter detectives are even accusing him of another advanced form of cheating in 2019, as some believe the reason he didn't want his jersey removed following his walk-off home run in ALCS Game 6 was because he wearing an electronic buzzer to warn him of incoming pitches, though that's yet to be proven true.

If even a fraction of these stories are true, Altuve needs to be made an example of. Get rid of his MVP trophy. It's only fair.

Glossing over the fact that Altuve's 2017 season (now marred by cheating accusations) was arguably less impressive than Aaron Judge's squeaky clean rookie year, the league needs to show to other players that remaining complicit in the scheme and not blowing the whistle should have long-term effects on your career and reputation.

Getting rid of Altuve's bling would certainly be a major step in the right direction, and if further dirt gets dug up, the league needs to strongly consider giving Altuve the Pete Rose treatment.

Players and teams across all of sports have had awards and championships vacated for much less than what the Astros have been found guilty of. Look no further than Reggie Bush. So if there are further legs to these accusations, the legacies of all parties involved must be put into question and punishment cannot be distributed lightly.