Texas Rangers Athletic Beat Writer Submits Column by Hand During Power Outage

This is some serious dedication right here.

The Texas Rangers beat writer for The Athletic couldn't submit his column online due to a power outage, so he instead wrote it by hand.

Storms swept through the Dallas area over the weekend, knocking out power and even delaying the Oakland Athletics' departure, but that simply wasn't enough to stop Levi Weaver.

Determined to submit his story on Rangers pitcher Phillips Valdez, Weaver hand-wrote his column in a journal and submitted page-by-page pictures.

When technology fails, sometimes going back to the basics is the best bet!

Weaver had some fun with the situation, saying he wasn't going to apologize to his editors if he "put in an Oxford comma you can't delete."

The whole process serves as a touching reminder of a writer's roots. It also serves as a defiant cry that not even the forces of nature can stop beat writers from getting their stories to the hungry fans.

Weaver made sure that the fans got to hear Valdez's story, and his drive to do so is admirable.