Deshaun Watson Among Texans Players Who Attended Houston Protest With George Floyd's Family

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson
Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

After George Floyd was tragically killed by law enforcement in Minneapolis, a wave of protests has taken hold not just across America, but around the world. Renewed calls for an end to police violence have mobilized the masses in the streets, and Houston, Texas quickly emerged as one of the epicenters of this movement.

It only makes sense: it's where Floyd was from.

Not content to stay on the sidelines, three members of the Houston Texans reportedly took part in a peaceful protest in the city on Tuesday alongside Mayor Sylvester Turner and members of Floyd's family, per KRIV-TV's Mark Berman: Jacob Martin, Peter Kalambayi, and Deshaun Watson.

Watson is one of the brightest stars in the NFL, and in due time, he might just be the highest-paid. That hasn't put any space between him and his adopted community, however -- one that is feeling the most intense kind of pain after one of its own had his life taken from him in a gutting, utterly preventable way.

Watson joined the mayor and Floyd's family on a downtown stage as part of the event, but he didn't deliver any keynote remarks. Rather, that responsibility rested with Jacob Martin, who made an impassioned call for reconciliation at long last.

This man might have a future giving stump speeches.

Just by being there and sharing in the moment, Watson sent a powerful message. He's the biggest Houston sports figure not named James Harden, and is a highly visible role model for young people. Anything we can do to lift up our communities and help spread hope is absolutely vital right now; Watson deserves kudos for doing his part Tuesday.