Terry Francona Says He May Punish Trevor Bauer Further But Wants to Run it by Ownership

Cleveland Indians v Kansas City Royals
Cleveland Indians v Kansas City Royals / Ed Zurga/Getty Images

MLB handed out a fine Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer, but no suspension, for his decision to fire a baseball over the center field fence at the conclusion of his last start in Kansas City.

It was almost time to lay the situation to bed and move on, but Terry Francona gave it new life.

The Indians manager feels Bauer still has not learned his lesson for breaking one of baseball's unwritten rules.

In the aftermath of the commotion Bauer caused, he said it was due to frustration at the events which led to the end of his start. The frustration was not directed at Francona for taking him out of the game, but one could see differently in the moment.

Francona is one of the few old-school managers left in baseball and he wants to use his approach on one of the leaders of the new age.

Francona is a future Hall-of-Fame manager and has carried his no-nonsense style with him for years. Bauer was immediately apologetic, but has been known to make some immature decisions in his past, so the skipper isn't going to let that slide easily.