Tee Higgins expects to play for the Bengals this season

It turns out Joe Burrow may have the WR on the field with him in 2024
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

For a while there, it seemed like Tee Higgins had played his last game with the Cincinnati Bengals. This offseason, the star receiver requested a trade, with buzz skyrocketing that he'd end up with a new squad.

Maybe that won't happen after all? When asked about things at his youth camp, Higgins sure made it seem like he's going to be back with Cincy in 2024. This seems like good news for quarterback Joe Burrow and the rest of the offense.

The Bengals have Ja'Marr Chase, but Higgins is a bonafide stud with the ball in his hands too. Luckily for the Cincinnati faithful, he may not be on the way out anymore. Instead, hopefully this offseason motivates him to post his best campaign yet.