Tacko Fall and Danny Ainge Sitting Next to Each Other is Pure Joy

The only thing more exciting than Tacko Fall on the court is Tacko Fall off of it.

The biggest of big men can do wild things in the paint, barely leaving his feet on dunks and towering above otherwise massive men, operating yards beyond their range without breaking a sweat.

So, naturally, we'd love to see him sitting on a bench next to C's GM Danny Ainge, a relatively small older man. Done and done!

As breathtaking as Fall vs. Ainge is, it's not...that different from Fall vs. 2019 draft pick Carsen Edwards?!?

Ainge, a player back in the day (of course), registers at 6-4 at his peak, though based on the way bones tend to dissolve and crunch over time, he may have lost an inch or so. Even still! Fall at 7-7 makes him look like Aziz Ansari sitting next to Anyone Normal-Sized.

Don't worry. Fall didn't spend the entire game on the bench!

He did more flying than Ainge in this one, too.