Suspected Nelson Agholor Burner Account Defends Nick Foles Over Carson Wentz

Oh, Philly fans, you may have something here. And if anyone knows burner accounts, it's you guys.

With frustration boiling over in recent weeks with every Nelson Agholor drop, Philadelphia somehow officially hit maximum anger this week, when Agholor had a prayer on one final Carson Wentz heave against the Patriots, and did not come down with a very difficult catch.

In the aftermath, the city's gone on the prowl, looking for anything tangential to go after Agholor over. And...well, they just might have found something here. Behold "@efam33", an account that does nothing but defend Agholor, use "us," and disparage the ball his current QB throws.

And when you check the account's likes, it's 90% pro-Agholor, anti-Howie Roseman, and in favor of canning Mike Groh, the team's current offensive coordinator, who hasn't maximized Agholor the way Nick Foles and Frank Reich did during the team's Super Bowl run.

Oh, and "efam"? Agholor's middle name is Efamehule.

It's almost as if this is too obvious to be legitimate, but if proven true, we may have a new source for the supposed Wentz/Foles locker room divide.