Steve Belichick Reportedly Calling Defensive Plays for Patriots Despite Speculation Jerod Mayo Was

Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots
Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots / Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The defensive prowess runs in the family.

So far this season, the New England Patriots have proven to be one of the most dominant defenses we've ever seen and fans were under the impression former Pats LB Jerod Mayo was calling the plays.

But guess what? It's reportedly been the son of the boss running the show for the defensive side of the ball.

Bill Belichick's son, Steve, has been the defensive play-caller this year, according to the Boston Herald, following confirmation from a number of Patriots players.

Steve has been working for Bill over the last eight years and was able to get his big moment following the departures of Matt Patricia, Brian Flores and Greg Schiano.

Seems like Bill wants to keep it in the family to avoid losing another key member of the staff to a high-profile job. Plus, it's safe to say Bill's influence on Steve is much stronger than he'd have on another D-coordinator trying to make a name for himself.

But apparently Steve has helped turn this unit into a scoring machine.

While he's no doubt getting a ton of help from his dad, it's apparent Steve has added a new element to this incredible unit.