Stephen Jackson Blasts Drew Brees in NSFW Fashion After Anthem Protest Comments

Stephen Jackson
Protests Continue Over Death Of George Floyd, Killed In Police Custody In Minneapolis | Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Former NBA champion Stephen Jackson has become the unofficial face of activism and protests in the sports world over the killing of George Floyd, as he was a close friend of Floyd's dating back to their upbringings in the Houston area. Following some controversial comments made by Saints quarterback Drew Brees about NFL players protesting during the national anthem, Captain Jack once again let his voice be heard in his truly inimitable style.

Stack has never been afraid to voice his opinion, and hearing him berate Brees on "The Breakfast Club" is just another example. While Jackson has used his new platform on the rising “All the Smoke” podcast with former teammate Matt Barnes over the past few months to deliver the realest of real talk, Jackson is now focused on taking even bigger steps following the tragic, preventable death of his friend.

Jackson’s voice has been a prominent one in the sports world in the midst of the protests throughout America. His comments about Brees’ reaction may come off as out of line due to his strong choice of words, but there is still work that needs to be done to make sure everyone is on the right page -- and he's certainly doing a whole lot of work himself.