VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Bryce Harper and Blake Snell and He's About to Get Destroyed

Stephen A. Smith sided with owners over players in the MLB's labor dispute
Stephen A. Smith sided with owners over players in the MLB's labor dispute /

MLB players like Blake Snell and Bryce Harper have come out against any proposal to restart the 2020 MLB season in which more money is taken away from the players, with Snell even going so far as to say he would rather sit out than play under such conditions. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith became one of the first major media voices to come out against Snell and Harper, claiming that they sound ignorant for trying to preserve as much of their pay as possible during a time of such rising unemployment and sacrifice across the country.

Ah, so that's why these debate shows never talk about baseball.

Smith failed to grasp the concept that players aren't refusing to play out of some misplaced sense of entitlement, but rather because they don't want to play games in a potentially unsafe work environment due to the coronavirus accompanied by additional rounds of pay cuts.

Snell and Harper want the greedy billionaire owners who haven't hit a baseball in five decades (or ever) to share the burden. It's as simple as that.

All players are doing here is trying to show that they don't want to be taken advantage of by owners who would rather see them play for free than earn what the market deems they should. Stephen A. not only attacking Harper and Snell for this theory, but tacitly siding with the owners, is extremely disappointing to see.