Stephen A Smith Blatantly Changes Caption on IG Photo of Him With Clemson Cheerleaders

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith was down at Clemson Friday, as ESPN's "First Take" was set up there before Saturday's game between the dominant Tigers and the FSU 'Noles.

As you can imagine, students wanted to take photos with the famous people on campus, including a pack of Clemson cheerleaders. Well, Stephen A. obliged and posted it on his social media. The problem was, however, he went with a creepy caption.

Of course, he realized that and changed it...not before the world snapped it, though.

Under the original photo, the caption reads "Stevie-A loves the kids. He sure does."

You sure you want to say that while you have your arms around college girls?

He quickly changed it to a generic, "Thanks Clemson for hosting us!"

You hope it was his social media manager or someone else who posted that picture with that original caption. It's not the end of the world, but it was surely creepy to read out loud.