Minkah Fitzpatrick Owns CBS Sports Writer Over Take That Steelers Star Isn't Among Top 100 Players

Minkah Fitzpatrick puts CBS Sports writer Pete Prisco in a bodybag.
Minkah Fitzpatrick puts CBS Sports writer Pete Prisco in a bodybag. /

Welcome to the lull of the NFL offseason. There are no OTAs due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has left plenty of sports media outlets searching high and low for content.

Look no further than CBS Sports' Pete Prisco, who had the gall to say that Pittsburgh Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick isn't a Top 100 player in the NFL.

Prisco is no stranger to stirring the pot. When it comes to his opinions on current NFL stars and draft prospects, he's always known to express his outside-the-box evaluations that leaves his colleagues stunned in disbelief.

After seeing this terrible take, Fitzpatrick had no choice but to humble Prisco.

Congrats Pete, you just motivated Fitzpatrick to play at even higher level than he does right now. Ravens, Browns and Bengals fans will NOT be happy with you.

As you see in CBS Sports' tweet, the Steelers defense was abysmal in the early going of the 2019 season. But Fitzpatrick found a new home in Pittsburgh with all the turmoil going down with the Dolphins. The move paid immediate dividends, as Pittsburgh's defense slashed its points and yards allowed per game in half! After adding one player!