Stats Prove Paul Pierce Was Dominated Repeatedly by LeBron James in All Their Matchups

LeBron James defending Paul Pierce in one of their matchups in the playoffs
LeBron James defending Paul Pierce in one of their matchups in the playoffs | Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Paul Pierce created headlines this week after he left LeBron James off of his "Top Five NBA Players of All Time" list. Pierce and James were rivals back when the Truth was playing, of course, but it's still puzzling why he doesn't respect such a generational talent.

To further hurt Pierce's argument, stats leaked on Twitter tho prove that the three-time NBA champion owned the Celtics legend when they matched up. Over, and over, and over again. LeBron scored 40+ points five times, and 30+ points a whopping 39 times when he played Pierce.

Pierce choosing not to recognize and respect the four-time MVP's dominance shows that he may be a little jealous of James. The 16-time All-Star climbed over Pierce's Celtics to become the top dog in the East, and it seems like the 2008 Finals MVP is still feeling the pain.

The fact that Pierce could never successfully guard James just shows the current Lakers star's dominance over one of the best players at the time. Whether it was on the Cavaliers or Heat, James was always a tough opponent for the Celtics, as they had many legendary battles back in the day.

The next time Pierce disrespects James, he should look at these numbers to remind himself how great the three-time Finals MVP really was, especially in their individual matchups.