5 Star Athletes Who Released Incredibly Bad Rap Albums

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O'Neal | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Some athletes are talented enough to make the leap into music and crank out some legit quality songs, with Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard the most noteworthy example of this of late. More often than not, however, that venture ends up falling flat. With Antonio Brown's disgusting new single "Whole Lotta Money" now on YouTube, let's take a loot at five athletes that, like AB, mastered their respective sport, but couldn't write or perform 16 bars to save their life.

5. Shaquille O'Neal "Shaq Diesel"

Shaquille O'Neal
NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Of all the albums on here, this is the least bad. "Shaq Diesel", written when Shaq was on the Orlando Magic, went platinum, while two singles in "(I Know I Got) Skillz" and "I'm Outstanding" made it into the Billboard Hot 100. While the album has quite a high production value, and Shaq can handle a mic better than most athletes, this is still nothing to write home about. At least he's a much better rapper than he is an actor.

4. Le'Veon Bell "Life Is A Gamble"

Le'veon Bell
New York Jets RB Le'Veon Bell | Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Bell suffered through the worst season of his career under Adam Gase, and his rotten campaign was pre-empted by his iffy debut album. It's not a good album, as Bell's voice can turn some away and his lyricism is just ok at best. However, it's not a total wash, as there is at least some potential on the production end of things. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes and improves.

3. Chris Webber "2 Much Drama"

Chris Webber
Former NBA All-Star Chris Webber | Bob Levey/Getty Images

As an Amazon reviewer named Mike put it, "Just like the way he plays basketball, CWebb just doesn't deliver at the end. He fails to show up in this album like he does for the Kings." Webber, going by the alias C. Webb, was extremely sophomoric in his lyrics, flow, and beats on his first and only album. None of the 21 tracks come close to anything catchy or deep, and it's for the best that the former Sacramento Kings star stuck to basketball and left rapping to the pros.

2. Roy Jones Jr. "Round One: The Album"

Roy Jones Jr.
Roy Jones Jr. | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

One of the most versatile fighters of his generation couldn't replicate his skill in the ring when he went in the studio. Jones' debut album "Round One" has some catchy beats emblematic of his time, but there isn't much, if any, depth to the lyrics whatsoever. Jones later formed a group eloquently named Body Head Bangerz, and they have released two subsequent albums, including one as recent as 2015. Unfortunately, Jones hasn't gotten the memo that rapping isn't the way to go in his post-boxing career.

1. Ron Artest "My World"

Metta World Peace
Metta World Peace/Ron Artest | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Back when he was Ron Artest, Metta World Peace managed to slap together a rap album called "My World" in 2006. It was barely listenable then due to the mangled production and trashy lyrics, and it's still just as bad today, if not worse. As Cruzian Massive writes on Amazon, "To be honest, I got three friends that are street rappers and are much better than this guy". Reviewer C. Bernacchi concurred, claiming that Artest should "stick to basketball & starting fights in Detroit. He can't rap for squat." The fans have spoken, and they have declared this album to be rancid trash.